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UML4AS - UML for ActionScript and Flex is an UML editor with advanced CodeSync technology.

It is a developer friendly tool that can be used to model and synchronize ActionScript code (.as and .mxml files).

A few things one should keep in mind about UML4AS - UML for ActionScript and Flex:

1) Developer friendly. It's designed for developers that want to be productive

  • tight integration with Eclipse based IDEs and minimum overhead
  • easy navigation from code <-> class diagrams <-> functional diagrams (use case, activity, etc.)

2) Innovative CodeSync technology

  • code generation, reverse engineer, round trip and conflicts solving
  • optimized/fast algorithm that works silently in background (similar to Eclipse CTRL+S => project build)

3) Flower Platform and the development team

  • UML4AS - UML for ActionScript and Flex is a part of Flower Modeling Platform, a product line that will be soon enriched with other highly productive tools for developers
  • The development team has extended experience with large enterprise projects (with RIA front ends). We have intimate knowledge on what modeling tools need to do (and what not to do) in order to help and improve productivity and quality
  • We provide high quality support

NEW!!! UML4AS + Java is a new product that includes support for Java code synchronization. You can now fully manage your Java & ActionScript project within the same model file.


To keep up with the latest news regarding Gantt4Flex you can:



We'll be launching soon a new server based product: Flower Dev Center. Please read this blog post for more details.

From now on you'll find news and announcements about UML4AS on blog.flower-platform.com.


Flower Platform Store has opened. You can buy from it products from the product families:

  • Flower Modeling Platform: currently UML4AS and UML4AS + Java and
  • Flower Application Platform: currently Gantt4Flex

A couple of new products will enrich our offer in the following months. By developers for developers, focused on productivity and developer friendliness.

Happy modeling and happy coding!


We have released UML4AS & UML4AS + Java 1.0.1.

A New Installer

This version has an improved installer program that should work with any kind of Eclipse installation. The previous one (from 1.0.0) didn't work correctly with Eclipse instances that had corrupt configurations. The provisioning mechanism from Eclipse, P2, was aborting the install when a configuration problem was detected. The new installer handles this: if it happens, it modifies by itself the bundles.info  file from Eclipse, and this way Eclipse will load our plugin on startup.

This version doesn't come with any other functional modifications. Users who successfully installed the previous version (1.0.0) don't need to download and install this one (1.0.1).


We have published the prices of the UML4AS and UML4AS + Java products on our website.


We have important news:

1) UML4AS - UML for ActionScript and Flex 1.0.0 is released. It contains important bug fixes (compared to Release Candidate 1). We'll publish pricing information next week.

2) We have a new product: UML4AS + Java (currently with version 1.0.0.beta). It does everything that the original product does + support for Java programming language.

3) We are working on documenting the features of our products. We are using a new platform (wiki based), and we are thinking of adding short videos to each feature documentation page. Your opinions on this would be welcome on our forum.

4) We will soon install an issue tracking system (for bugs and feature requests).

And the most important:

The UML4AS Team wishes to our users a Merry Christmas, and a happy, excellent, productive and high quality New Year.

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